About Me:

I am a vocalist

Boldly traveled the world and having lived with over 50 tribal cultures, Singer/Songwriter JIIN CHRISTOU is an anomaly in the new age of World Music. Based in Los Angeles, JIIN’s haunting vocals and stage presence weave geometric rhythms into an exquisitely ancient tales. For more than a decade JIIN’s musical journey has spanned genres including World, Tribal, Down Tempo Electronica, and origins as a Pianist, Singer/Songwriter. She has successfully released several albums, including a release with Perfecto Records and performances with Hank Shocklee. Music reviews have described her sound as sonic paintings, organic, ethereal, and passionate. She is a true visionary with extensive experience in the studio, song writing, pitch proficiency, remixing lyrics, chanting, creating sticky hooks, and elegant harmonies. Educated by Berklee College of Music, John Casablanca Modeling, and in the Performing Arts, JIIN has been compared to Tori Amos, Bjork and Katy Perry, yet she has her own unique voice. Jiin is inspired by culture, art, technology and community. ¬†She is looking to collaborate with other artist in the studio to produce albums, videos and is in search of performance and speaking opportunities.