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CES 2014 was a success, performing with Hank Shocklee at Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas was so much fun!  This is a beautiful photo of H20 captured just outside the venue.  The waterfall in the background had vibrant colors reflecting light frequencies and was our visual backdrop for the show.  

Jiin Christou's new mash up album "Creatrix Consciousness" is to be released this Winter.  The album will be featuring cutting edge DJ's from around the globe.  Stay tuned!

Yakshini - Free Download until September 30th for all you Burners!  Just hop over to the Music page and click download..

Elixir event organized by Dakini Temple this Sunday, May 5th.  This is a

I'll be singing songs to sooth your soul.  

For more info click here:

Thank you to Perfecto Records for the "Deep Forest" track release.  

Wow @ 7:20: Click here to watch Paul Oakenfold spin Deep Forest and my vocals live.

Paul Oakenfold's latest mix compilation, the "Four Seasons" 4 x CD Boxset comes out this Friday, November 2nd - and it features Derek Ryan's remix "Deep Forest" with my lyrics and vocals on CD#4 "Autumn", track #9.

The federation of Earth and Keyframe Entertainment presents Electronic Awakening, an amazing documentary about "Trance~Formation", where spirituality and technology meet .. and on the dance floor:

Click on images to listen/view link:

I'm happy to announce that I have a vocal and lyric release mix out on the German Label Bootcamp Records with our song "Deep Forest". I worked with the wonderfully talented DJ/Engineer DIRTYHERTZ to record vocals, with Derek Ryan whom remixed a pop mix, and SF underground guru Jason Knight.  A big Thank you to Keyframe Entertainment for making this all possible!


Our very first song release "Deep Forest" made it on Paul Oakenfold's Four Season - CD#4 "Autumn" album!  Woo hoo!  

Jiin Christou Bio

Immersed in the architecture of emotion, Jiin Christou wields her way through the music industry jungle to redefine the art of her music. As a song writer, vocalist, and performer, her songs represent very different aspects of life experience, from the rock chic, to underground electronica, through tribal rhythms, she brings the performance to the stage. She tells us of a very old story about... "Compassion". 

Living with over 50 tribal cultures, she documented the emotions and cultures of many unique primitive societies through photographs. With 3 emotive underground albums and the new popular folk rock album release "A Soul is Born", Jiin Christou has a vision of truth.. the essence of mother nature. As she explores spiritually the balance a mother must hold of both compasssion and fierceness, she finds herself having visions of a mystery man. Her story takes us on a journey through the heart, exploring this balance with grace and integrity.

 Jiin Christou and her music have been described as organic, spiritual and edgy. Critics call her inspiring and she has been compared to the likes of Tori Amos, Bjork, and Katy Perry.  Many editors have reviewed Jiin's music, concluding that she is a passionate, sensual, eccentric artist playing ethereal, organic music. She writes, sings, and performs her own music and this is such a rare talent. Here are just a two editor reviews:

     "One of the many diamonds in rough of the music world".  -RhEtTro Ichannel Internet Radio USA

     "The ethereal lilt of Jiins' breathy, rarefied sound washing into my ear, slapping me from my previous thought". -Richard W. Adams Serendipitiy Media Canada

Jiin is inspired by Culture, Art, Technology, & Community.  She is a Speaker & Activist for the Arts and Technology, and has been involved with such events as CES, SXSW, Burningman, Macworld, SF Music Tech Summit, Woodford Festival, etc …

Jiin has worked with Perfecto Records, Keyframe Entertainment, Shocklee Entertainment Universe, Kevens Artist, Steve Lucas, Fely Tchaco, Tyrone Noonan and other popular names like Paul Oakenfold and Hank Shocklee.

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